January 9, 2011

My Beauty *Must Haves*

Here are a few of my necessary beauty products to get me through my morning routine.

I have been using this shampoo for years, and I love it! It's a very large bottle and is usually on sale for $3.50 or so. This is def a money saver when it comes to $ per ounce. Normally, shampoos will run between 12-16oz for $3+. But this money saver is a whopping 32oz! Every penny helps!

I am a chi girl. I love this thing! It gives the perfact straightness and can even give you some curl! I love a multi-use tool!

I love liquid eyeliner! It stays on longer, and doesn't smudge like pencils do. I love creating the cat eye look for added drama! Meowwww.

MAC Bronzing Powder. I stumbled upon this little gem pre-wedding day. I got my make-up professionally done at the Mac counter for my bridal portraits. A wonderful gay man named Zack turned me on to this- and I've loved it ever since!

I LOVE Ulta! The last time I ventured into one, I actually ended up bringing out lots of *FREE* goodies! They were having one of those, buy $15 or more worth of Ulta products, and get a free makeup bag full of free stuff. UMMMMM- SCORE!! I ended up getting this shade of eyeshadow, some lipsticks, some makeup brushes, some lip gloss, and eyeliner/lip liner pencils. It is def a great place to stock up on great beauty products AND save moo-lah!

I bought this for Seth' Christmas stocking (and ended up stealing it from him lol) I just love this chap stick so much! It is soooo smooth, feels really light, and doesn't leave that chapsticky flavor!

Alright ladies- I think everyone could use this! Whenever I don't feel like washing my hair (because lets face it- wetting the hair, shampooing the hair, conditioning the hair, drying the hair, styling the hair...takes alot of time and effort...some days you just wanna throw it up and go, right?) Well this product allows you to do just that without looking like a hot mess! Just spray it on, massage it in, brush it out- and poof! your hair looks like new! :)

And last but certainly not least...Lash Blast- I heart this stuff. It makes my lashes extra long and really makes my eyes pop. I'm thinking about trying a mascara with growth serums in it- I'd love to have longer, fuller lashes!

And since I don't have them naturally- I use these!

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

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