April 10, 2011

Inspiration Admiration

One of my favorite things about following home decor blogs is getting inspiration/ideas for weekend projects! So when I found this DIY entry table over at Country Girl Home, I was inspired to make my own! I have been looking for a small entry table/plant stand that would fit a small space by our front door, but could never find something I liked or a piece that would fit- so Lindsay gave me the confidence and the motivation to say "I can do that!", and boy did I...:clears throat:...Correction- boy did the hubby do it. It was rather frustrating at first because we didn't want to use wood screws and decided to go with wooden dowels and liquid nails. Well not using screws proved to be very difficult in getting all 4 sides of the table to be level/straight/equal distance apart/etc. After attempt # 1, we decided to take it apart and basically start over- screws in tow. Lemmetellya, the screws were the bomb. They made everything perfectly straight and steady and it was smooth sailing from there. This table was def a full days project (we started at 9:30ish and ended at 5- whew). Lindsay, I don't know HOW you did this project without any help girl- I give you props on that for sure!

So enough talk, time for the reveal. Here's the entry way before...

And here's the after...

Here's a few more shots...

I used Minwax dark walnut stain for the top, and a Valspar "Churchill Hotel Vanilla" spray paint on the bottom. The drawer pulls are from Lowe's, nothing fancy, but I def wanted them to look antiquey. I may end up painting the bottom with a dark glaze to make it look aged, but I haven't made up my mind on that yet. All in all, I am very happy with how this turned out! And hubby is pretty glad Project Sunday is O.V.E.R. :)

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

April 8, 2011

My Living Room Devine Design

Living Room Update: I created a coastal "mood board" for my vision of our future living room space. This was so much fun to put together, and I'm sure I'll add to it as I do my obsessive searching research online.

The sofa is from JCPenneys (and can be found here). Not only is this sofa adorbs, but it also has FABulous reviews! The main points I'm looking for in a sofa are: white slipcover (cuz let's face it, you can't get any beachier than that!), comfortable (but not TOO comfy), good structure (where we won't have to replace it in 2 years), good price ($800 or less), and a sofa that will stand the test of time (i.e. pets, stains, rips/tears, etc.). Is that really so much to ask!? I don't think so. Oh yeah, and to accent this beautifil white dream, I'll add in some vibrant colored throw pillows, in nautical themes of course!

The "media console" is really a sofa table, but hey it does the job. It too comes from Penneys, and can be found here. It's actually the perfect height for us (eye level and the top of the table is about 2-3 inches underneath our chair rail-yay!). I love the beachy look it gives with the antique white rustic finish, and the openings for baskets! (YAY baskets!). All in all, I just L.O.V.E. this piece (now I just have to muster up the marbles to pay $300 for it) FML :(

Next up is the coffee table/trunk. I found this beauty at Target for a bargain of $79.99! Score! I just love playing with textures. Rattans/Jutes/Linen/Burlap/and wood all kinds.

Last is the chair/side table/lamp combo. I found these babies on Google images by typing in random thoughts. I probably will not end up going with the exact pieces, but will def go with similar styles of all three. You get the idea.

So there you have it! I just LURVE how this turned out...What do you guys think??

April 7, 2011

* Divine Re-Design *

Sooo hubby and I have been struggling with sofa/flat screen/conversation area arrangement in our living room. I mean for reals y'all there has been alot of back-and-forth. We have sort of a weird layout (a corner fireplace with a mantle- which is basically the focal point of the room, not alot of floor space, and currently our flat screen sits atop the mantle at an angle). Here's our current layout...

I know, yuck. Well, we couldn't really visualize how to make our living space look more "homey" and warm so I went to this fab website, Home Styler, and oh.ma.word had a ball! It really helped us to pick our favorite layout, and now I can hunt for the perfect furniture pieces :) Ok but first, back to the layout options...

Layout One-
We thought this one was just ok, nothing special, just ok.

On to Layout Two-
This one was getting there, a little more home-like, but still not hitting the nail on the head.

Then there's Layout Three- (Drumrollll pleaseeee)
We really think this layout is perfect for us. And BTW I have big plans for the mantle (I never even thought about NOT using it as a tv stand- more to come on this project!).

So now I'll be on the hunt for the perfect white slipcovered sofa, a white/sandy colored chair and a half, a beachy coffee table, and the perfect refurbished dresser turned entertainment unit. Of course I will be bargain hunting high and low for all of these items :) Oh! AND I'm working on our dining room! More to come on this also, but I will give some insight- I just scored a solid wood dining room table for $25! Gah! I LURVE home decorating! :)