March 16, 2011

Spring Has Sprung Y'all!

And so has my blog design! I just loooove all the vibrant colors and the whirly girly things :) Thanks, Shabby Blogs!

So I've been on a blogging hiatus lately. I don't have anyone that really reads my blog, so I kinda feel like- what's the point? I do, however, LOVE following all kinds of girly blogs! My favorites right now are home decor blogs, crafty DIY blogs, home remodeling blogs, thift store shopping blogs, etc.

You might say I have an obsessive personality...once I want something, I have to have it. I obsess over it, research it until the cows come home, and then obsess over it some more. Currently I'm obsesses with re-decorating our home. This weeks target- our dining room. Last weekend the hubs and I slaved away priming/painting the walls (our dr used to have a pumpkin spice color on the bottom half and a creamy vanilla color on top). Now, it's a beach cottage dream in the making! We (er, I) painted above the chair rail a soothing sea green, and painted under the chair rail a flat white. The best part is, we added decorative molding that matches the chair rail and it looks FAB!

I am still working on wall decor, curtains, rug, re-paiting the buffet/entry table, and on the hunt for a beachy wood kitchen table on craigslist. More to come on our progress, and hopefully pics of the finished product will be posted soon! :)

Here are some inspiration photos in my blog world:

Check out Restoration House for more adorbable ideas!

I LOVE this chair re-upholstered by Burlap & Lace, check it out!

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Centsational have to visit!

I absolutely LOVE this buffet! Check out Decor Chick for more of her projects!

Ok folks, time to hit the hay...G'night!!!