January 3, 2011

All Things Southern

"She grew up on the side of the road. Where the church bells ring and strong love grows. She grew up good, she grew up slow- like American Honey..." ~ Lady A

I was feeling very nostalgic this morning and decided to compile a list of "all things southern", and things that remind me of growing up in the south...

Sweet tea. exxagerated southern drawwwws. worn in cowboy boots. wheat fields. cane fishin' poles. country music. long tree-lined dirt roads. rain on a tin roof. horse pastures. fresh snap beans from the garden. the fireflies in June. tractors (which btw can be used to mow the grass, plow the fields, or hours of endless entertainment- riding in the "bucket"). pig tails. Sunday fish fries (fish were caught when you went fishin' on Saturday). front porches with rockin' chairs. tire swings. honeysuckle trees. camping. piers (mainly to fish from). a pond in the backyard (where you drifted off to dream with the sounds of the frogs croakin', crickets chirpin', and the wind blowin' through the cattails). climbin' trees and jumpin' the creek. the county fair (which btw has some of my all-time fave smells- i.e. the cotton candy, the hay from the petting zoo, all the unique foods, etc). the permanent skint knees from playin' outside with the boys. catchin' bumble bees in mason jars. and last but certainly not least- my Grandma Inez's fried chicken and homemade biscuits (quite possibly where Peggy developed her taste buds) LOL. :)

What are some favorite memories from your childhood?

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