April 7, 2011

* Divine Re-Design *

Sooo hubby and I have been struggling with sofa/flat screen/conversation area arrangement in our living room. I mean for reals y'all there has been alot of back-and-forth. We have sort of a weird layout (a corner fireplace with a mantle- which is basically the focal point of the room, not alot of floor space, and currently our flat screen sits atop the mantle at an angle). Here's our current layout...

I know, yuck. Well, we couldn't really visualize how to make our living space look more "homey" and warm so I went to this fab website, Home Styler, and oh.ma.word had a ball! It really helped us to pick our favorite layout, and now I can hunt for the perfect furniture pieces :) Ok but first, back to the layout options...

Layout One-
We thought this one was just ok, nothing special, just ok.

On to Layout Two-
This one was getting there, a little more home-like, but still not hitting the nail on the head.

Then there's Layout Three- (Drumrollll pleaseeee)
We really think this layout is perfect for us. And BTW I have big plans for the mantle (I never even thought about NOT using it as a tv stand- more to come on this project!).

So now I'll be on the hunt for the perfect white slipcovered sofa, a white/sandy colored chair and a half, a beachy coffee table, and the perfect refurbished dresser turned entertainment unit. Of course I will be bargain hunting high and low for all of these items :) Oh! AND I'm working on our dining room! More to come on this also, but I will give some insight- I just scored a solid wood dining room table for $25! Gah! I LURVE home decorating! :)

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